Skill Level 4's and under will receive Rackless Night patch EVERY time this is achieved. Skill Levels 5 and up will only receive the Rackless Night patch ONCE per session
Patch Program - patches are awarded the week after the player achieves the patch skill. There will be an accompanying raffle ticket for players to make a choice whether they want the patch or a chance to win the CASH amount of all tickets turned in from the BEGINNING of the APA PHYSICAL year (beginning of Summer Session) to the end of the PHYSICAL year end of the APA (end of Spring Session) Skill levels 5 and up will automatically have a raffle ticket entered for every Rackless Night after the 1st one achieved. 
We also offer a Trade In Program. Trade in 4 patches and receive a lapel pin for the following patches: Rackless Night, 9 on the Snap, 9 Break & Run, and 8 Break & RunLapel Pins