April 2021 Calendar of Events 
December 6, 2020 
October 24, 2020
Team Captain Presentation (HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO READ!)

Team Captain Championship 



Annual Captain/Co Captain Appreciation Event

November 29th, 2020

Steve's Cue & Grill DOORS OPEN AT 10AM, PLAY STARTS AT 11AM,  EVERYONE COMPETING NEEDS TO BE REGISTERED BY 10:45 (Eligible ONLY IF you were a Team Captain (1st position) OR Co Captain (2nd position on the Roster) from the Spring 2020 and Fall 2020. This is an ANNUAL Event NOW. There is STILL NO ENTRY FEE - That has NOT Changed. There will be an OPTIONAL $5 8 on the Break Pot Contest and 9 on the Break Contest (EACH POT FOR EACH FORMAT WILL BE DIVIDED INTO TWO POTS - AS THE BRACKETS WILL BE DIVIDED INTO TWO SEPARATE ROUNDS OF PLAY - IF NEITHER IS CLAIMED BY THE TIME BOTH HAVE COMPLETED THEN THEY WILL BE COMBINED BY ROUND 3 INTO 1 BIG POT).   This is a "THANK YOU" for an often Thankless job. Until you have been a Team Captain, you often don't know what all is involved, and sometimes, your own players, take you for granted and sometimes WE forget to tell you "Thank you" ourselves. We just want you to know how much WE appreciate you!

The total payout will be $1200, we will be running alternate rounds, and each board will be single elimination.

Qualified Team Letter THIS LETTER WILL BE GOING OUT TO THE TEAMS THAT QUALIFIED IN THE SUMMER AND THE FALL SESSIONS. READ AND BE AWARE. I want to point out that we allow new players to join Qualified teams without 20 scores BUT I add them to my Watch list for the Review. All players of this sort need a MINIMUM of 10 matches to compete in the Road to Vegas Events and IF they advance to the World Poolplayer Championships they are heavily scrutinized BECAUSE they do not have 20 Lifetime Matches in the format. This section of the letter is kind of confusing. The next area I am addressing is the MINIMUM matches which is left blank. In the North Alabama area, WE follow the book, 4 matches for players with 10 Lifetime matches.  In OTHER areas, there is a HIGHER minimum set. That is a League Operator's prerogative. Team Captains need to SIGN and RETURN when they have completed reading this letter!!!
Home by 11 with Harry the Pool Fairy 
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