The APA 9-Ball Doubles Championship

New teams can add up to the April match.  
The APA 8-Ball Doubles Championship
Divisions 027 and 029 - Decatur 8 Ball Doubles
Scheduled to start April 16th. Right now we do not have enough teams for 2 Divisions at 6 Pockets. I need registration forms by April 8th to start the 1st month of play.  
Division 042- Guntersville 8 Ball Doubles
Division 072 - 8Ball Doubles Huntsville
The APA Jack and Jill Championship 
2023-2024 Jack & Jill
All matches must be played and submitted by April 9th. The Wildcard for 2nd Half Playoffs is scheduled for Weds. April 10th.  
Jack & Jill 2024-2025 starts June 2nd. Registration forms are due by May 23rd. There is no "roll over" when a new league year begins. Registration Forms will be in your team packets April 7th or you can text me at 256-476-6093 with your team name and roster.
Requirements: Must be on a regular weekly 8 Ball team, skill level limit of 10 to start, must have 10 lifetime matches with the ability to play 10 more before the end of the session.
Text Lee @ 256-476-6093 if you are interested
If you have not read your By-laws it states that if you are planning to re-schedule a match please let your league operator know to avoid penalty points. You also need to let the bar know so they can adjust staffing and make sure tables are available for you. If you do not take these steps you may not have a table available for your match. Host locations go out of their way to make sure they are staffed properly and tables are available for you. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if you went out of the way for someone and they didn't show up? Staff could have been working more hours at another job. Just show them some consideration please.

All Reschedules MUST be made up BEFORE the next month's play and FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, you must have the COMMON CURTSY to contact the other team 48 hours in advance along with your LEAGUE OPERATOR if you need to reschedule or a forfeit can and will be declared. Your team will owe the money and get no points. Treat others the way you want to be treated. It is not nice to call the other team when they are waiting for you at the bar! 

The odd "weeks" is the Doubles Match Score and the even "weeks" are the Singles Match Scores



1) Must be on an active roster in the format you are playing
2) Each player must have a MINIMUM of 10 LIFETIME matches with the ABILITY to achieve a MINIMUM of 20 Lifetime Matches in same format by the time the end of the year round session comes around
3) The COMBINED Skill level of the Doubles team TO START cannot EXCEED 10 (as the session continues the team can increase to a combined skill level of 12 BUT if more than that then the team must split and find new partners)
4) Agree to commit, contact opposing team 48 hours in advance if re-schedule needed or accept forfeit and monies will be due, and use the substitution rule rather than that of a re-schedule if possible (each player on the team is allowed 1 sub per session half  of equal or lesser skill level value. 
5) Use THIS LOCAL WEBSITE for your INFORMATION AND TRACKING. It works better for this type of division than your "APP".

You and your partner have committed to play these ONCE A MONTH formats. If you have committed for MORE THAN that then please remember - If other tournaments pop up, you should have enough time to contact the opposing team to try and reschedule BUT please choose wisely.  You don't want to be known as "THAT" team!