The APA Junior Championship 

Our re-start of Junior APA was a GR8 hit yesterday. The next TWO scheduled Saturdays are February 6th and the 20th. I should have the rest of the session's schedule finalized by the end of this week. 
Play is at Chips & Billiards in the DEDICATED non-smoking room. Doors open at 11:45 with everything to start at noon. Kids and their attending parents are REQUIRED to wear masks unless eating their lunch/snacks. 
Annual membership dues are $10 and the weekly playing fees are $10, this includes lunch, drinks, snacks, a lesson, and a match. 
Ages are 8-18 BUT if you have a mature age 7, we will try to accomodate you. 
We will be hosting our Week 1 Juniors Spring Session on Saturday January 30th. We will have SCHEDULED Saturdays for right now as we continue to monitor the news for COVID19 related issues. 
Play is at Chips & Billiards in the DEDICATED non-smoking room. Doors open at 11:45 with everything to start at noon. Kids and their attending parents are REQUIRED to wear masks unless eating their lunch/snacks. 
Annual membership dues are $10 and the weekly playing fees are $10, this includes lunch, drinks, snacks, a lesson, and a match.  
I will re-post the Junior Schedule as soon as I know when we are playing again.
Junior APA Spring Session starts SATURDAY at 11:45 at Chips & Salsa. Annual Dues are $10 and playing fees (which includes a lesson, lunch, snacks, and drinks) is $10.  
Junior Christmas Picture (those big smiles are the kids enjoying APA Santa gifts - $10 Game Stop Cards for everyone and then extras were handed out during the "Reindeer Games". There were also 2 BIG Prizes for the Christmas Tournament, a $50 Gift Card to Billiards and Bar Stools and a $50 Package Cue Tip/Cleaning from Greg Thomas Cues. There were also MANY good food items for the kids to munch on (ie chocolate, candy, sugar!)
November 18, 2016
Junior Fall Schedule - Notification by Facebook page (the Junior page) if EARLY practices or held at Chips & Salsa instead of Bumpers
Junior Rosters - Unlike Adult Teams - Juniors is conducted more like Singles play and we match up when I see what Juniors we have that week to play. 
Junior Top Gun BY MATCHES WON -  Minimum of 3 matches right now, will move to 4 by end of session. This is just by matches won so you guys can compare. The awards is based by the next report.
Junior Top Gun BY POINTS ACHIEVABLE -  This is the report that you WANT to be on the TOP of. This means you got the MOST POINTS OF THE MATCH YOU POSSIBLY COULD EACH AND EVERY TIME. Again, the minimum match # is set on 3 for right now but will be moved up to 4 by the end of the session. 
We have practice on Saturday the 19th at Bumpers and our Junior/Senior Event at Chips & Salsa on Sunday for our Fundraiser!  Parents can play with their own children OR we will have "senior" level players available to partner up with your junior. The entry fee is $50 paid by the adult and the winning pair receives plaques and the adult gets their entry fee back. The junior of the pair receives a $25 movie gift card. The 2nd place pair also receives plaques. This is a fun tournament! Check out the details on the calendar! 
Our thoughts and prayers are with Jon Lynn for the loss of his father, Wes.  We are extremely thankful that we got to see Wes this past Saturday at the Celebration of our Return from the National Event.  I know you will all agree with me that we will be with Jon and his mother, Karen, through this difficult time.
2016 Junior National Event Standings:
Jon Lynn 3rd
Austin Soper 5th
Chanler Jackson 9th
Greg Hardy & Veronica Murray 17th
James Thomas, Spencer White, Dylan Boivin, Nic Boivin, Kaleb Medders, and Sissy Medders 33rd
Zach Hardy & Paul Jergins 65th
Connor Wilbanks 97th
Dakota Woods 129th
There was a RECORD NUMBER of 251 Juniors that attended this year.  Be on the look out for your email "Buzz" for the recap of pictures and video.  Our kids are in Tye Dye shirts.  
Thank you again to all who participated in fundraisers, gave donations, your time, your support to help us send these 15 AMAZING Juniors from our area.  They make us proud every day but they represented the APA of North Alabama very well during this event.  
Congratulations to Dylan Boivin on winning the Junior Top Gun Tournament and Zach Hardy for coming in 2nd.  Dylan won a $30 movie card and Zach won an hour at the new Galaxy Arcade next to Bumpers. Dylan was actually the #1 skill level 6 in the WHOLE LEAGUE (over all the adults!).  Because of their ages, Dylan and Zach were unable to compete in the Top Gun being held at Steve's Cue & Grill on February 27-28.  
We have started a new session in Juniors, Division 065, which is only 9 ball.  The Junior National Tournament is being held in Davenport, Iowa in July and is only 9 ball.  The juniors will be having "mini tournaments" in the 8 Ball format so they keep building experience in that format though.  We will continue to accept new juniors.  
There will be NO JUNIOR PLAY on March 5 due to the Regional Singles being held at Bumpers that Saturday. 
February 7, 2016
Starting February 13th the Juniors will be Division 065 and 9 Ball only until after the National Competition in Davenport, Iowa.  The following are planned "skip" dates:  March 5, April 23, June 4, June 11, and June 18.  There might be other dates we do not play due to events happening at Bumpers BUT we will double up on the other Saturdays of play to catch up on those missed dates.  
If you do not see your name on these rosters it means that you have not shown up for play since the beginning of 2016.  It does NOT mean you are out of the Junior league, I can still access your information and add you back.  Your schedule could have changed, your interests, etc.  And that is okay. We will be here for you when you are ready to come back.
Any ADULT players willing to share your knowledge and work to train our Juniors are more than welcome to contact Lee 256-476-6093 and schedule a Saturday to show up.  The Juniors LOVE working one on one with skilled players. 
Earlier last week I requested our "normal" 10 slots for the Junior National Slots.  We won't know for a while if we will be getting all 10 slots.  More League Operators across the nation have started to get involved in Juniors.  The maximum slot allowance per League Operator is 3 for this year.  If we do not get our request, a local competition will be held.  The ONLY exception are Juniors to which this will be the LAST year they can compete (due to age) AND who have been with us since the beginning, those Juniors will automatically get a slot.   
December 2, 2015
We will be playing Saturday the 5th and the 12th is our Christmas party.  We will not start back until January 9th and we will be playing only 9b for the Spring Session.
Saturday the 5th - if you have allergies to paint fumes, think twice about coming to play.  Bumpers is painting and I am sure there will be residual fumes.  
Christmas Party the 12th - We will need to start at 10:30 and be out by 1:45!!! Bring a dish, we will be having potluck.  Also, if your junior wants to participate in the Dirty Santa Exchange, the limit is $5 gifts.  Presents can only be "stolen" a limit of 3 times.   
March 15, 2015
We have 10 National Junior Slots for Davenport Iowa.  We have a total of 16 Junior Players.  I will be contacting all Junior parents between Monday and Tuesday this week and need an answer of whether your Junior will be competing in this event.  
Our Fundraisers tournaments start March 28th.  Keep checking the Event Calendar for details.  All Junior Parents need to offer support to the events we run to raise money.  Our target goal this year is $4000.  We spent over $3500 last year between rooms, travel expenses, junior registrations, food, gas, etc.  I would love to have some wiggle room!
If you have ideas to assist us in raising money for our Juniors please have all details ready when you call me.  Thank you.
Junior League NEW SESSION begins Saturday March 21 noon.  We will be playing ONLY 9 ball in preparation for the Junior National Event.
Log into POOLPLAYERS.COM for details on the Junior National Event. 
NO JUNIOR PLAY 1/24/2015 DUE TO TOP GUN EVENT AT BUMPERS!   See ya on the 31st. 
January 10, 2015
Junior league started back today from Winter Break.  Next play is January 17th with the 9 Ball format.  Juniors annual dues are $10.  We welcome new juniors ANYTIME!  
There will be NO JUNIOR PLAY on January 24th due to the Top Gun Event. 
Junior APA player, AJ Troupe, won a mini 9 ball tournament this past Saturday.  He is sporting the prize, an 8 ball mardi gras necklace from New Orleans.  Way to go AJ!
Next Junior play will be October 18, 2014.  9 Ball, Regular Time with doors opening at 11:45.  We do have a make up 9 Ball Match to try and knock out.
Congratulations to AJ Troupe for winning the mini 9 Ball tournament we held on the 11th.  AJ won a single elimination 9 ball tournament for a New Orleans Pool Beads Necklace.   
July 28, 2014
Due to Bumpers opening early on August 2nd and the fact that school is starting that week, we will NOT have Juniors on that date.  We will play August 9th.  I am in Las Vegas the next two Saturdays but am working on making arrangements for one or both of those Saturdays.  Will keep you posted.
Standings are on for the Junior APA tournament and I have posted pictures on the North Alabama Facebook page.  I hope to have an album added to our local website today.
To all who might have a junior ages 7-18, we accept junior players AT ANY TIME.  Annual membership is $10 with a playing fee of $6.  All juniors play matches, no one sits out. Please contact Lee at 256-476-6093 Tuesday - Friday 10:30am to 7:30pm (office hours) for further information. 
Junior APA picture day is April 19th.  Please be there at 11am this Saturday so we can start play, on time, at noon.  Thank you! 
March 16,2014
We have the following 8 Ball Doubles Fundraisers planned to help our Juniors get to Davenport, Iowa to compete in the 2014 Junior National Championship:  Saturday, March 29th, Sunday, April 27, and Sunday May 18th.
There is a $30 Team Entry Fee, NO GREEN FEES, Skill level combo cannot exceed 10,Alternate Shot Format, Double Elimination with less than 16 teams and Modified Single Elimination with more than 16 teams, 50% to the winning team and 50% to the Junior Travel Assistance Fund.  You do not need to be an APA member to participate in this event.  Men will play as 6's and Women as 3's (subject to change if "known" player).
Please let Lee know if you need a partner and I will refer you to the parent(s) of the Junior who are running a certain dates event. 
March 16, 2014
New Junior Session started this month.  Junior Annual dues are $10 and weekly playing fees are $6.  I open the doors to Bumpers by 11:45 each Saturday.  We alternate formats of play, 8 ball one week then 9 ball the next.  We work with the juniors on an individual basis to develop basic billiards skills, teaching them how to hold a cue, the 7 mechanics of pool, sportsmanship, etiquette, etc.  There are some block out dates during the session due to tournaments held by Bumpers on Saturdays.  With so many juniors participating in other activities, we have designed our program to include individual matches as opposed to a continuing team match format like in the adult divisions.  Please contact Lee via email at or call 256-476-6093 for details.
Juniors are allowed to bring in food and drink as there is no staff at Bumpers during Jr. league.   
2014 Junior National Competition Information
1)  For participation in the Juniors Championships, you must have entered and paid the entry fee prior to the deadline of June 2, 2014.
2)  Players must be between the ages of 7-18 at the time of the event.
3)  Players must be enrolled as a student or have graduated from high school.
4)  Players must be on an active (Spring Session) APA roster.
5)  Players seeded by skill levels (Male S/L 1's allowed)
6)  No minimum match requirement to play.  Any players that have fewer than 5 matches will be raised 1 skill level automatically.  Players that only play 8 Ball may attend.  If a player has previously established a skill level in the 8 Ball format, then they will begin play in 9 Ball with their current 8 Ball skill level or a skill level assigned by League Operator.
7)  APA National Tournament Rules apply.
8)  The Entry Fee is $60 per player.  There will be no refunds to entrants who are disqualified for any reason, including no shows.  (Entry Fee includes commemorative APA gift bag, Event Shirt, Event Program, and the banquet on Thursday night).
9)  Maximum field is 128 entries.  (Size of board(s) and skill level tier(s) based on number of entries.
10)  Prizes and trophies are guaranteed for first and second place winners in each bracket.
11)  Coaching is not allowed. (no time outs) 
Congratulations to the following Junior players on winning the following prizes at the Session "Wrap" Party:
Ryan Runager  $50 Gas Card
Heather Bumbaugh  $50 Gas Card
Adam Runager  Cue Stick
William Todd  Cue Stick
Joseph Hurt  Cue Stick Accessory
Jonathan Lynn  Cue Stick Accessory
 American Poolplayers Association